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You'll learn The Seven Secrets of Parenting Girls to ensure a bright, beautiful future not only for your daughter, but the world she is destined to lead.



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You will learn how to apply the seven powerful secrets of raising successful girls that  Dr. Janet Rose discovered during her award-winning doctoral research into what makes some women succeed in leadership and others struggle.  

Why some women reach success in their health, wealth and relationships while others struggle for years?

What you can do as a parent to ensure your daughter has the best chance of success in all areas of her life?

3 Of The Most Important Secrets You'll Learn

Why do some women become leaders and others don't and what do their parents have to do with it?

The Seven Secrets has been read by thousands of families around the world and has helped parents from all walks of life create a more nurturing foundation for their daughter's success.  Join our movement to raise 1 million female leaders! 

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Librarian, Harvard University & Father

"Thanks again for everything! The 7 Secrets of Parenting Girls has changed how I interact with my daughter Samantha."

"Thank you, Janet, this is wonderful. I have not trusted my kids enough to do things for themselves, or to help. Last night I was at a meeting with my daughter, Hannah and we were helping clean up. I saw her watching me, so I gave her a little direction, and followed it up. Gave her a lot to carry and she’s quite strong. Girls can do anything!"


Entrepreneur & Father


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Dr. Janet Rose Wojtalik set out to understand just what was going on in the childhood homes of women who went on to lead companies, become top executives and otherwise make it in this modern world.

What she found was powerful and paradigm shifting. It turns out that it doesn't matter how much money or how much education the parents had or even if they were married or divorced -- what mattered most were the themes in the home -- the stories and types of conversations that the parent or parents were having with their daughter.

Inspired by the impact this award winning research could bring to a world so desperately calling out for divine feminine leadership, she set out to create powerful and easy to use resources for families worldwide.

Join our movement of thousands of parents from around the world and learn The Seven Secrets of Parenting Girls to ensure a bright, beautiful future for not only your daughter, but the world she is destined to lead.

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